Yoga for life

"Pause for a moment. Sit down and relax. Smell the air. Look around you.
Take a deep breath in and out. This state of mind called Yoga can't be found
anywhere else but here. The moment opens itself for you. Will you step in?"
~ Donna Farhi, author, Bringing Yoga to Life






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"Yoga is the rule book for playing the game of life" BKS Iyengar

Let’s talk about you first. If you're new to yoga you might be wondering what all the fuss is about? Who are these self-righteous folk walking around with their Kale smoothies sprouting the benefits of this ancient practice? 

Simply put: Yoga helps you to feel better about yourself & about life. It impacts the way you move, live, hold yourself, breathe, relate (to yourself & others) and navigate your way through this crazy world of ours.

In the west we've tended to focus on the physical practice because we luuurve to look good. The reality is there's so much more to Yoga than flexibility and turning yourself into a human pretzel. In fact, in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras (ancient text written roughly 2500 years ago) Asana (postures) are mentioned just twice.

Yoga isn't about standing on your head, it's about becoming your own best friend.

Patanjali talks about the human condition, how crazy hectic our minds are, how we love to obsess over stuff, material possessions and post photos of ourselves on Instagram (actually he doesn't mention that at all). But he does talk about the layers of a human and how Yoga can help us quieten the mind, get comfortable in our own skin and peel away all those old unhelpful thoughts so we can reveal our true, shiny, amazing selves.


We can be free of all those crazy thoughts we carry around like 'I'm not good/smart/pretty/clever/handsome enough.' Boy we are hard on ourselves and you know what? You're perfect. Just as you are. You're more perfect and powerful than you can possibly imagine.

You're more perfect and powerful than you can possibly imagine!

Claire Nettley Yoga teacher

About Claire Nettley

I began practicing Yoga in 2007 while working overseas.  What started as a physical practice with a DVD very soon became a way of life. I’d spent years feeling something was missing. I thought everyone else had it together and there was something fundamentally wrong with me. I seemed to keep repeating the same old patterns and had a marvellous ability to get in my own way. Physically I suffered from constant back pain and pelvic instability which at it's worst meant I could put my back out holding a door open with my foot. My years at a desk hadn’t helped.

In 2012 I made the swap from boardroom to Yoga studio and haven’t looked back.

"Claire's great strength is her ability to ground the principles of Yoga in everyday life" Alice, Melbourne.

Training & Development

Australian Women's Health Magazine Yoga Expert
Former President of peak body, Yoga Australia
Donna Farhi, Post Graduate Advanced Yoga Studies Certificate (150 hours)
Academy of Yoga Learning, Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching (1040 hours)
iRest Level 1, Teacher-in-Training
Yoga Australia Registered Teacher (visit



Yoga Classes Melbourne

"Adventure is not outside man, it is within." ~ George Eliot

My classes are guided by the belief that students reap the most rewards when encouraged to practice in a way that respects their own body.  

My aim is to help you:
·      Learn more about your own body and develop a practice that will serve you for life
·      Build functional strength and flexibility
·      Understand how you can take your Yoga off the mat and into your life
·      Build an understanding, respect and love for your own body

My hope is that students feel:
·      Safe and supported
·      Empowered
·      Comfortable to explore their internal experience, ask questions and play

All students are welcome. If you can breathe you can practice Yoga!

Casual classes ~ all levels welcome. 
Tuesday 6-7pm - Elevation Float, Camberwell ($25 casual rate, starts Dec 15th)
Thursday 9.30am - Elevation Float, Camberwell ($25 casual rate, starts Dec 17th)
Saturday 9.30 ~ 10.30am - Hawthorn Aquatic & Leisure Centre ($16 casual rate)

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before class starts.
Not sure what to expect? Read my etiquette blog. 

Yoga at home
If you’re looking to have a practice tailored to your needs then book a 1:1. Contact Claire on 0437 704 315 or email to discuss your needs. 

This Yoga Life classes

Yoga at work
It’s no surprise that corporate wellness programs are on the increase – they achieve results. Fewer sick days and a more productive, efficient and engaged workforce are just some of the outcomes being reported.

I offer:

  • Onsite Yoga classes
  • Mindful leadership retreats
  • Talks and workshops on mindfulness, resilience, stress management
  • Classes and workshops for corporate away-days / team building

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